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    Bruce Clan Forum


    The list of topics in our Bruce clan forum

    There are 4 active topics and no archived topics. The archive period is 365 days.

    Title Replies Last Post Status
    Searching for Bruce family descendants by deleted:ruby1Tue 26/11/13 22:01
    Origins of Stenhouse family, Sept of Clan Bruce by freebooter0Sat 27/10/12 00:29
    Clan Bruce and Officer by grubsteaklass2Fri 27/05/11 15:20
    Anyone know any Clan Bruce Legends? by amanda0Thu 28/05/09 21:59

    General topics on which members of Clan Bruce have posted

    Members of the Bruce clan have posted on other topics on Scotster, our partner in bringing you the best in Scottish social networking. You can see people affiliated to the Bruce clan or click any of the topic names to read the postings.

    Title Replies Last Post Status
    Humberston Lyons
    Everything Scottish: Scottish Genealogy and Ancestry
    by reidros7
    2Fri 02/01/15 18:53
    To Be Human - What Would Our Soul Communicate?
    Literature: Miscellaneous
    by jdublyuh
    24Sun 07/12/14 12:26
    Just Friends.
    Miscellaneous: Totally Miscellaneous
    by plyonsreid
    26Sun 07/12/14 22:49
    My poem to you for Good Friday.
    Skills, Talents & Leisure: Poetry
    by shield.of.souls
    3Sun 20/04/14 00:16
    Tales of Paranormal
    Mind, Spirit & Beliefs: Paranormal
    by plyonsreid
    125Sat 31/05/14 21:57
    Everything Scottish: Scottish Miscellaneous
    by plyonsreid
    38Fri 11/04/14 15:36
    installing a husband
    Love, Sex & Relationships: Relationships
    by singlesadvice
    8Tue 08/04/14 14:21
    Lyon family
    Everything Scottish: Scottish Genealogy and Ancestry
    by plyonsreid
    0Thu 20/03/14 13:05
    Scotland going independent?
    Everything Scottish: Scottish News
    by plyonsreid
    90Sun 30/03/14 15:09
    John Lyon 8th Lord of Glamis
    Everything Scottish: Scottish Genealogy and Ancestry
    by plyonsreid
    27Fri 31/01/14 20:41
    Finding Family
    Clans: Preston
    by nashaylapaige
    11Wed 13/03/13 14:51
    Frank Carson R.I.P
    Miscellaneous: People, In Memory
    by deleted:johnthedivine
    9Sun 04/03/12 00:11
    Why I believe there is/is not a God
    News & Current Affairs: Human Rights
    by phil
    142Tue 20/03/12 11:17
    Should 'Rupert Murdoch et al' got to jail?
    News & Current Affairs: Political
    by icanopit
    19Sat 25/02/12 22:08
    Christmas Time
    Fun: Miscellaneous
    by deleted:johnthedivine
    41Thu 22/12/11 07:58
    Land of the Free
    World Interest: USA
    by kiwime
    11Thu 01/12/11 03:39
    Poll: Scotster gathering anyone ? (27 votes)
    Scotster: Event and Meetup Ideas
    by deleted:loopylori
    29Tue 20/12/11 00:51
    Why do we all come here?
    Scotster: Miscellaneous
    by heart_of_a_viking
    92Fri 05/12/14 14:07
    Fence for US/Canada border?
    News & Current Affairs: Political
    by alysen
    91Fri 07/10/11 02:23
    Our Wedding
    Everything Scottish: Scottish Celebrations
    by lasthop
    10Wed 04/01/12 21:08

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