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    Historic Building


    Postings on this topic in the 'Everything Scottish: Scottish History' chat forum

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    Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Thu 21/06/12 19:07

    Hello Fellow Scotsters,
    Recently while trolling through the internet i found a property up for sale of an old water mill, one of the last of it's kind in the Highlands of Scotland, it is a grade A listed building, but suprisingly the asking price for it was extremely low (in my opinion) & it presented a chance for me to possibly return to my homeland aswell as restore a piece of Scottish history, however i am but a poor working man.
    Would any fellow Scotsters be interested in assisting me to buy the property so that it would not go into further ruin & possibly be lost forever?
    The cost is at the moment way beyond my means at £120,000, i have looked into getting a mortgage, but i have to be self employed for at least a year before i can even be considered.
    My idea is to obtain the property, refurbish it to it's original state & allow visitors through the National Trust & Historic Scotland, so that the property will be self sustaining once it is complete, i was also considering building a few croft cottages on the land to allow visitors to stay, thus generating more income to the property.
    I realise that it is a lot to ask this day & age, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

    Re: Historic Building
    from Philip A: Cogito, sumere potum alterum (phil) photos on Thu 21/06/12 19:13

    As a surveyor, my first query, Laird Stuart, is, if you cannot afford the £120,000 to purchase the property, have you made any investigation into how much it would cost to restore?

    Re: Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Thu 21/06/12 19:24

    The restorations costs are in with the asking price Philip, which in my eyes makes it a very desireable investment, i mean to say that you cannot buy a 1 bedroomed flat down here for that price lol

    Re: Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Thu 21/06/12 19:46

    Here is a recent photo of the property, as you can see it has already had extensive work carried out on the roof to prevent further deteriation, using naturally sourced materials.

    Re: Historic Building
    from JOAN H: Scotslass (luckylass) photos on Fri 22/06/12 08:34

    My Sister & Her partner bought an Old water mill in Perth some years ago and restored to it's original state.

    It was called The City Mill.

    When finished, [ took a long time ] was really lovely and showed local crafts and old pictures of Perth.

    As I say was many years ago and whether it didn't take off or what I can't say but they ended up selling { not really sure what happened .

    I don't even know whether or not it's still open or if it was closed again.

    Re: Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Fri 22/06/12 10:45

    Thank you for adding that information Joan, but i am sure that your Sister & her partner made a decent profit form the sale, after all if it was anything like the one that i am looking at, once restored it will be worth well over the original asking price!?
    I also intend to open it as a sancturary for Pagans, so that they can celebrate their sabats there aswell as invite local craft businesses to trade their wares ;), which would then attract visitors from all walks of life.

    Re: Historic Building
    from JOAN H: Scotslass (luckylass) photos on Fri 22/06/12 11:42

    Hi Laird,
    Thank you for replying.
    Like I say, it was about 1984 ish when they bought the Mill. We saw it around 5 years later but after that nothing was ever said abiut it.

    We haven't been in Perth since the Millenium and it was closed when we went to see it. Mind you was Winter.

    Maybe it is open in the Season, don't know.

    I know The Heritidge people managed to save The City Hall a few months ago. It is a listed building but the Council wanted to knock it down and build an open air plaza.

    The City Hall used to host conferences and all sorts over the years but has not been used for about 6 years or so.

    It's a crying shame, I'm sure it could a visitor centre or craft
    fairs or even record fairs, anything to use a lovely old building.

    Ah well progrss has ruined so many old buildings and ruined towns and Cities all round the Country and nobody seems to care.


    Re: Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Sat 23/06/12 18:22

    Hello again Joan,
    It is so sad that this day & age people are so willing to forget their past & their roots, for years i have been trying to trace mine.......

    With regard to this property, it is within the area that my ancestors came from, which also added to it's appeal to me, not just the fact that considering what it is, how cheap it is!! lol

    Oh well i shall have to see if i win the lottery tonight, looks like that will be the only way i shall be able to get this place ;)

    Such a shame your Sister & her partner did'nt manage to make a go of it.

    Re: Historic Building
    from JOAN H: Scotslass (luckylass) photos on Sat 23/06/12 22:05

    Yeah it was because I think it is the kind of place that would appeal to people visiting the City. Scotland has so much History and and attracts people from all over the world.
    It's a shame to think so much has gone over the years that our kids have never seen except in pictures.
    I remember when I was 9, My Granny used to take me to Leven and we used to go and see a place called The Shell House.
    Years later we were in Scotland with my youngest Daughter we found ourselves in Leven and I went to find it.
    It wasn't there where I remember and on asking one of the locals was told it had been gone for years.
    I was gutted because it was a beautiful place and had loads of visitors. The council would pay anyone to look after it so it went to rack & ruin. There are many places I remember as a child that have gone the same way. x

    Re: Historic Building
    from Lochien W: Sempre Vigilance (dragon63) photos on Sat 23/06/12 22:47

    Well the Watermill that i have found is nowhere near any city, it is actually in the Highlands, but it is close to where a lot of visitors go to trace their ancestors & of course to visit the beautiful Highlands of Bonnie Scotland ;) lol

    Oh well maybe when i get home in the morning i shall check my lottery ticket........... you never know :D lol x

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