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    Traditional Scottish Hairstyles


    Postings on this topic in the 'Everything Scottish: Scottish History' chat forum

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    Traditional Scottish hairstyles
    from Elizabeth M: Ex-Member (deleted:ladyofthelake) on Sun 03/01/10 02:26

    I'm particularly interested in male hairstyles and whether a man wearing his hair a certain way indicated any level of status.

    After watching the film 'Lorna Doone' (2000 production), I commented on how odd Carver Doone's hairstyle was - short hair with a few long braids in the middle of his head. Someone told me that was how most Scottish clan leaders wore their hair in the 17th century. I didn't accept that as a fact so I had to look into it in order to settle the discussion. I've only managed to find a tiny bit of information on this topic and the general info is that Scotsmen traditionally kept head hair and facial hair very long, usually braided. Nothing to do with status.

    Does anyone have more to offer on traditional hairstyles? (Both men and women.) thanks

    Re: Traditional Scottish hairstyles
    from D S H: Ex-Member (deleted:dshamilton) member on Sun 03/01/10 04:43

    Braiding hair is one way to keep it long for the ladies but keep it kept for battle. Short hair is favored by fighting men because it doesn't get in the eyes, or give your enemy a handle to throw you around with. Braiding up and tying down is one way to try to accomplish a battle ready doo, and have that Mel Gibson look at the same time. Me, I'm going bald so I keep it short and hope no one notices. My battle days are over.

    this was a few years ago.

    Re: Traditional Scottish hairstyles
    from Rodger M (rodger_moffet) lifetime member member photos on Sun 03/01/10 10:49

    Scots hair styles? anything as long as its Ginger :-)

    As far as i'm aware the tradition of male short hair came in at the time of the Napoleonic Wars as a way of controlling head lice in the ranks. At least thats what someone told me

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    Re: Traditional Scottish hairstyles
    from Teresa H: Ex-Member (deleted:tharri95) on Sun 03/01/10 17:26

    This is a really interesting topic. I have to agree with Roger and David. I love long hair on a man, but that obviously has nothing to do with a battle or war. LOL. Just me swooning. Ha Ha

    Re: Traditional Scottish hairstyles
    from Andrew M (indicamackinnon) on Mon 04/11/13 00:09

    i know this question was years ago but it's interesting as i keep my hair same as mel in braveheart, short cropped and long braids from middle of head. i get lots of questions and a few even picked it as 17th century scottish hair style but he is a scott too so no point's there. i beleive it was to keep it out of the way as a fight can occur at any time and you dont want some big nugget grabbing you by your luxurious long hair "sorry bald guys." but on 2nd hand you can unfurl it and flow it over for the ladys to love. dont work for me thou. anyone got a time machine?? anyway there are a few of us proud scottish nuts that keep the dream alive. my wife is vietnamese and she loves it, even said it looks good. i think she is proud that i still have all my hair, dad went bald at 20y.o so it's true the bald gene's come from mum's side, thanks mum! peace from Andrew Mackinnon in australia.

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