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    Great Dog Walks In Scotland


    Postings on this topic in the 'Everything Scottish: Scottish Places To Stay' chat forum

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    Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Carolanne N: Lurrve talking to new peeps (bumblingbanjo) photos on Fri 31/10/08 20:49

    Hi all we have 2 dogs and always love viisiting up north or anywhere really.

    We get bored taking the dogs up the pentlands/round our local corstorphine hill /Vogrie Park/Beacraigs etc.

    Any one able to recommend some great places to walk the dogs and have a great day out with our 3 girls at the same time.

    Also anyone further north can anyone recommend any pet/family firiendly places to stay which both kids and dogs would enjoy LOL.

    Looking to get somewhere booked for Easter with our motely crew.


    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Darkside G: SAOR ALBA A NIS (darkside1314) photos on Fri 31/10/08 22:51

    Great topic, would love to know where everyone takes the dog for a wlak

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Carol T (jess) photos on Sun 02/11/08 20:44

    Lot of great dog walks in the Scottish Borders. You could start off with Glentress Forest, Peebles. Then there is a great walk at Yair Forest. I am sure if you go to the Tourist Info. Centre in the City of Edin. there should be booklets on Walking in the Scottish Borders.

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Joseph M (joseph) lifetime member member photos on Sun 23/11/08 11:20

    I'd highly recommend some of the forest areas around Galloway. Our two hounds really love Dalbeattie Woods, which back on to our holiday cottage, where you can walk for miles through lovely woodland and down to the gorgeous Colvend Coast.tthere are quite a number of good clifftop walks in the area too - and best of all plenty of near deserted beaches (Black Horse Bay near Palnackie, Brighouse Bay near Kirkcudbright, and lots of them around Luce Bay and the Machars) where they can gallop around to their hearts content without bothering anyone else.
    And as for dog-friendly places to stay..... a subtle plug for our holiday cottage in Dalbeattie and guesthouse near Wigtown (www.idlehourholidays.co.uk) - other holiday venues are also available locally!!

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Jean-Anne G (jaggy) on Sat 29/11/08 21:26

    I walk the family black labrador on many beautiful walks in Moray. There's lovely beach walks, a coastal trail as well as the Speyside Way along the Spey from Aviemore to Spey Bay. Plenty scope.
    Not sure about accomodation, check with VisitScotland.

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Jill F (vango) member photos on Sun 30/11/08 02:01

    for an afternoon out - Blackness, Wester Shore woods - there's a castle, a shipwreck, space to kick a ball, a wee kiddies playpark, the sea and the dogs will love the woods.

    Or for an overnighter/ weekend, the wigwams up at Strathfillan (near Crianlarich) are very dog-friendly and chilld-friendly and also comfy and cosy. There are firepits and picnic benches outside the wigwams, and lots of great walks for the dogs.

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Leslie T: Ex-Member (deleted:truethomas) on Mon 15/12/08 17:24

    Have you tried Roslin Glen?

    Re: Great dog walks in Scotland
    from Pauline M (peamcd) photos on Thu 08/01/09 21:03

    I usually stay in a place near Lochgilphead called Stronachullin Lodge. Close to the Crinnan cannal and Loch Fynne. Its brilliant for kids and dogs. Loads of walks, our dogs adore it.

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