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Brennen Darrell H: CLAN HOPE photosfrom Hopewell in Nova Scotia in Canada

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1proudprodphotofam fae Edinburgh & Fife vote nae tae win! grin orangeman/clansman big Bren

Brennen Darrell H: CLAN HOPE photos

from Hopewell in Nova Scotia in Canada(also regularly in the Fergusons Cove area)

Proddie, Orangeman, Loyalist, Conservative. Proud tae sae me served in ROYAL Canadian Navy! Own & operate me business noo. Strong history -- (Edinburgh/Fife) bonnie Scotland me Dads Clan HOPE, nee Mums Clan LOGAN, & jolly England! Support man u, gers, & hearts F.C. Canada part of BRITISH Commonwealth. Great BRITAIN will allways be! wee BENTLEY me westie guard duggie! Smoke me pipe, doon wee dram, luv guid life! hee hee .. cheers, clansman Big BREN

Today I celebrate tis Wed., 1st July, CANADA DAY hol longie weekend wi .. Fireworx, BBQ, plenty beers! Cheers .. big Bren, wee Bentley, & queen Mum! .. Yippee - see 20 comments

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Brennen Darrell H signed up to Scotster on 19 August 2009.

This person's tags: bagpipes, bicycling, boating, brennen, british beer, canada, castles, clan hope, clansman, classic rock, company, conservative, darrell, diary, edinburgh, environment, f1, fife, fish chips, fishing, flagship, geography, golf, golfing, haggis, hearts f. c., highlands, hiking, historical, history, hope, hopetoun house, itinerary, journal, kilts, lowlands, loyalist, mountain climbing, my westie bentley, niagara falls, ontario, presbyterian, president founder, prod, protestant, proud, pubs, rangers f. c., reading, scot. food drink, scotland, scottish single malt, scottish whisky, sightseeing, tartan, travel, unionist.

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