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Ben D: English not British founder member member photosfrom The Countryside in Fife in Scotland

14 messages have been posted, shown here with the most recent first.

From: Penelope V: Ex-Member (deleted:lope) on Wed 04/04/12 18:13
Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos, it would be great if they could be in a 'slide' show.
From: Nico V (maya) photos on Sun 01/04/12 11:01
Amazing landscapes! You have a great skill in using natural light, lens and camera! Thank you for sharing all these with us!
From: Beatriz R: Torn between North and South (bea) member photos on Wed 30/12/09 12:51
I haven't seen yet all your pictures... for they deserve more time to enjoy them, and not only a slight browsing. So I'm taking my time. But I have seen enoguh of them to confirm that they are really great and I'm sorry to say that they make me be a bit jealous... Thank you for being there and sharing with all of us. And don't even think of stopping!!
From: Carol L (whitebengal) photos on Tue 16/06/09 03:55
Incredible have a great talent.
From: Glenn B: True born Scot living in Canada (brasher) on Thu 11/06/09 00:22
Great pictures
From: Dodd G: MacGregor, despite them! (dodd) member photos on Tue 02/06/09 17:53
I'm now on your Guest Book list. Dodd
From: Tiffanie S (tiffanie) photos on Sun 24/05/09 09:40
Viewing your photographs makes me want to be in Scotland yesterday! Very much looking forward to my visit in a few months. Will have to view the video later when I am home. My hospital tends to block a lot of great things I want to view...somehow they don't deem videos worthy of my time while here. It's like they want me to work or something. =-)
From: Christine G (teen) photos on Mon 27/04/09 21:18
Hi Ben, Have just watched your Video, its brilliant, what a clever pair you are. well done
From: Gary B: See Scotland from the air (scotaviaflyer) photos on Sat 25/04/09 22:13
Whoa Ben, terrific gallery,lots of places that I have only seen from above.
From: Karin S: Still in love with Skye! (karolina1938) photos on Wed 18/03/09 13:18
Hi Ben, just had a look at your great pics. I am a beginner on scotster, but I am enjoying it. Will go on... c u cheers, karin
From: Dana P (tenordrummer1) photos on Sun 15/03/09 18:48
Hi Ben! Great photos and video. They remind me of my trips over there and how much I love it!
From: Alice M (beavergirl1956) photos on Wed 26/11/08 14:16
Hi Ben,just wanted to say your pictures are beauitful,I really enjoyed looking at them,thanks alice
From: Lois L: MacLois (loobylooloobyloo2) photos on Tue 25/11/08 17:22
Your photos are amazing!
From: Julia C: Loving Scotland (thistlejay) photos on Mon 03/11/08 22:52
Just been looking at your photos. They are fantastic especially the sunrise ones. These are things most of us would never see if people like you didnt put them on here so thanks enjoyed looking at them

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