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Christine P: Tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig! female member photosfrom the Siegburg area in Germany

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From: B P: Ex-Member (deleted:lovebeingnuts) on Thu 25/02/10 10:22
i decided to sign your guestbook rather than talking on my comment section lol. i love your pics! :) PS. my uncle lives in Hamburg.
From: Davie W: Making an easy life as difficult as poss (davie) photos on Sat 16/01/10 12:00
Excellent photo set!
From: Kathy W: Ex-Member (deleted:kathyzhere) on Sat 17/10/09 02:13
Greetings Christine. Just dropping by to let you know how much I enjoyed your photos. What an awesome way you have with photo capture! I came to a definate conclusion after looking most of 'em over and now I know I must visit Tenerife, Spain!! Just added to my "bucket list" :) Do you go to the Caribbean at all? My fave island, so far, is St John, would have plenty of gorgeous photo ops there. The island is 3/4 US National Park, mountainous, gorgeous beaches and ruins. True pristine beauty...aaahhh. Thanks a bunch for sharing! Kathy
From: Mindy A (manders6) photos on Fri 06/02/09 16:27
Hey Christine, you said in your status today that you "feel old". My friends and I say you're only as old as you act. And those who think you are "being immature" or not "acting your age" are the ones who aren't having any fun. :) Have a great day!
From: Ben D: English not British (ben) founder member member photos on Thu 29/01/09 11:24
Wonderful, WONDERFUL photos. You have a definite style that is all your own, such that when one of your photos pops up in the box on the home page, I instantly recognise it as your work. Keep on posting!
From: Bill L: Ex-Member (deleted:beal1253) on Tue 27/01/09 03:09
Very nice pictures Christine. My father lives in Primasens.

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