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    Bell Clan Scotsters


    Affiliated to Clan Bell

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    This is the list of profile intros of people choosing to be publicly affiliated to Scottish Clan Bell. There are 11 profile intros.

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    Alesandre D photos

    from the Salem area in United States

    Young lad of Clan Bell learning about his paternal heritage.

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    bb2dogsphotoRobert F. Baxter, April, 2012

    Robert B: Alba Gu Brath!!! photos

    from the Goodyear area in United States

    Greeting from Arizona, USA! I'm a 6th generation Scottish-American. I play guitar, ukulele, and steel guitar. I enjoy singing Scottish folk songs. I love Scottish history & Celtic culture. I'm very proud of my Scottish roots. I look forward to meeting new friends & sharing. Hope to go to Scotland in the near future - a long overdue trip..... wanted: friendship, music, harmony, laughter.. on offer: friendship, guitar, singing, great sense of humor

    Today I am enjoying a peaceful weekend. Not as hot as it has been but quite humid for here. - see 2 comments

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    chicoyayaphoto29 Dec 2014

    Deborah C: C'est la Bee! photos

    from the Chico area in United States

    My paternal great-grandparents were Scottish, and I enjoy all things Scottish (even haggis!) I even went to a high school whose mascot was "The Highlanders". In 2003, my parents and I toured Scotland, and I hope to take my own daughters there one day... wanted: humor, knitting patterns, insights into life, seeds for my garden.. on offer: plain-speaking, gf recipes, questions, sunshine

    Today I am thankfuk for an indoor job with air conditioning!

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    debbyphotoDebby B

    Debrah B photos

    from the Redford area in United States

    My name is Deborah Bell-Grant I live in the United States in upstate NY great grand father born in Scotland my husbands grand father came from Scotland my moms grandfather was also from Scotland I enjoy researching my family history... wanted: friends, history, family, fun.. on offer: friends, chats, converstions, history

    Today I am happy.

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    Daniel C

    from the Birmingham area in United States

    Several lines of my family were from Scotland: McAlpin, Spruiell, Carmichael, and others. I visited Scotland in 1985, 1988, and 1992. Hope to get there again and would love to live there for a while someday.

    Today I Just joined Scotster. Wandering what to do today with the rainy weather. - see 1 comment

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    mbraffordphotoMark where's ya trowsers?

    Mark B: Celt in Japan photos

    from the Otsu area in Japan

    I am an American New World Celt living in Japan with my Japanese wife and 2 kids. I have my Masters degree in Environmental Education.

    Today I am recovering from Easter. - see 1 comment

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    raybell_scotphotoThis image is a place holder

    Raymond B photos

    from the Edinburgh area in Scotland

    I live in Edinburgh - interests: history, politics, Scotland's languages, novels. Tha mi a' fuireach ann an Dun Eideann. M'uidhean - eachdraidh, poiliteags, canain na h-Alba, nobhailean. A bide in Embra - ma interests: historie, politics, the twa Scots leids, novelles.

    Today I am researching clan crests for a talk I'm giving.

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    Landen S: Iowa Farmer of Scots and Welsh descent

    from the Des Moines area in United States

    I'm a full time farmer in Iowa USA. I have Scots and Welsh ancestors. Have dreamed for year to travel to Britain, and visit relatives I'm in contact with. When working on a branch of my Father's family, I made a discovery! The Hastie branch connects up with the Robertsons. :-).. wanted: schooler, scouller/ar, scouler/ar, mccreary.. on offer: schooler, griffith, mccreary, gardner

    Today I weather has cleared, corn harvest is rolling! - see 3 comments

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    Billy O: A lifelong learner photos

    from the Atlanta area in United States

    I am a private, quiet person who prefers to research rather than watch television. As a matter of fact, I do not have a television. Meditation, peace and quiet are what I enjoy. Nature, birds, trees, streams, mountains and Autumn are some of my favorite things. A crackling fire with a hot cup of coffee on a moonlit night are perfect... wanted: just about anything.. on offer: listening, empathy, understanding, hope

    Today I am enjoying a wonderful day with my daughter.

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    Brenda B photos

    from the Winchendon area in United States

    I'm a wee one, that loves life, and the whir of the pipes calls my soul. My grandmother was a Bell and her father came from Scotland that is as far as I have got into my Scottish roots...but I know it is there, and I want to be home in Scotland one day I will... wanted: nhhg 2012 friends, scotland friends, walking companion, life companion.. on offer: a fun friend, lots of smiles, creativity

    Today I am just doing some sewing and wishing to be in Scotland! - see 1 comment

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    Tim F (NEW)

    from the Los Angeles area in United States

    I recently discovered that my maternal line is Scottish through DNA results. My maternal line is clan Bell.

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