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    Smith Clan Scotsters


    Affiliated to Clan Smith

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    Jean D photos

    from the canggu area in Indonesia

    Hi, I was born in Scotland & spent most of my childhood in Stevenston. My family moved to Australia in 1971 & I currently live on the beautiful island of Bali

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    Kimberley C photos

    from the Edmonton area in Canada

    Hi my name is Kimberley. I've been to Scotland twice and still can't get enough of it. Looking forward to making new friends.

    Today I am wondering where all the Scotsters are? - see 32 comments

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    Cynthia G photos

    from California, Usa in Rancho Mirage in United States

    Hi I am working on my family ancestry. This is tricky! Many different versions of history. I am related to the Graemes or Grahams

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    ladysandy09photoLady Sandy Smith-Distel-Christmas 2009

    Lady Alexandra M: I am Scots/Irish with 1/8th Cherokee photos

    from the Tucson area in United States

    I in Tucson, AZ and I'm Scots/Irish with 1/8th Cherokee. I am looking for new friends and possibly genealogy with connection to family. I am an actress (parttime) and I have been in three films for the tellie and two of which were for theater. I am working on a script right now and trying to write a book. I have 16 grandchildren and expecting two new grandchildren by the end of.. wanted: genealogy, family history, friends

    Today I finished doing the wedding photos. Shooting an Indian Wedding tomorrow.

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    ladysandy10photoLady Sandy

    Lady Alexandra M: Scots/Irish photos

    from the Tucson area in United States(also regularly in the Morris area)

    Slainte' I was told by the person who does this website, that he will be shutting it down at the end of the month. If your interested in staying in touch you may look me up under Facebook. I'd love to stay in touch. I'm actually going to miss this site. I really liked it. Alexandra

    Today I am on Tartan Footprints and Facebook. Come join me there. - see 2 comments

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    John L photos

    from the Kissimmee area in United States

    I have done my geneology back to 1705 Ireland. Haven't made the jump to Scotland, yet. Live in Florida, love everything celtic. Andrew Hendrick Logan was born in Ireland in 1705. That's were i hit a brick wall.

    Today I am working on some genealogy. - see 3 comments

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    makgowphotoMac a' Ghobhain

    Dan M. S: Son of the Smith-Mac a'Ghobhain photos

    from the Sevierville area in United States

    I am of Scottish descent. I attend about 5 Highland Games a yr. here in the U.S. I'm a board member of the local Scottish games... wanted: friendship, conversation, link.. on offer: friendship, experience, history

    Today I Have released my second novel on Kindle and Nook or any e-reader for that matter. The title is, "Hemlocks & Seafoam". My website: danmaksmith.com.

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    Melissa H (NEW)

    from the Saint Louis area in United States

    I live in Illinois, in the United States with my husband and 12 year old son. I found out a few years ago that I am mostly Scottish on my fathers side and I have wanted to see Scotland ever since. I suppose I will get there some day. I would love to meet new family/clan members.

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    Joseph J (NEW)

    from the Alachua area in United States

    No information given.

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    Pamela S photos (NEW)

    from the Columbia area in United States

    Recently married at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games... traditional Scottish wedding and am now a member of Clan Lindsay!

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    ridge_runnerphotoMy girls

    Glenn W: Cajun Scotsman photos

    from the Hastings area in United States

    I am with the Smith Clan. I am from the Deep South, I grew up between Mississippi and Lousiana. I guess I am a Cajun Scottsman. I love hunting. I love my wife...(she made me say that) lol... wanted: family, friendship, humor.. on offer: family, friends, humor

    Today I Am at home surrounded by my brood of pooches. - see 1 comment

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