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Robert B: Pima Bob photosfrom the Tucson area in United States

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Robert B: Pima Bob photos

from the Tucson area in United States

My name is Bob and I am a desert rat. I have lived in Tucson AZ For almost a quarter century. I am the Commissioner of Clan Brodie of the Americas and a re-enactor with the 1745 Jacobite Society. I am also an Admin. Aide at the local Community College... wanted: friend, history, brodie's.. on offer: friend, history, brodie

Today I Looking forward to the Flaqgstaff Games.

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Robert B signed up to Scotster on 6 January 2009.

This person's tags: camping, computers, cooking, education, genealogy, highland games, hiking, history, philosophy, reenactment, taoism, unite, volkswagen.

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