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Norwood B: Pipe Major Norwood BayBridge, FSA Scot photosfrom the South Dakota area in United States

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pipemajorphotoP.Maj. Norwood Baybridge, FSA Scot . . .

Norwood B: Pipe Major Norwood BayBridge, FSA Scot photos

from the South Dakota area in United States

The small, ancestral village of BayBridge, Northumbria, is on the Scottish border, approximately 100 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland. BayBridge, Northumbria, is historically home to Northumbrian border pipers. Pipe Major BayBridge is a Scottish Historian, elected as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 30, 2007. He is Pipe Major of the Aberdeen Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corps. wanted: aberdeen quaich.. on offer: balmoral badge

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Norwood B signed up to Scotster on 25 January 2009.

This person's tags: aberdeen, bagpiper, bagpipes, bagpiping, baybridge, clanpiper, fire rescue, fsa scot, highland games, highlander, iowa, mackenzie highlander, minnesota, north dakota, norwood, norwood baybridge, official piper, pipe major, piper, pipes drums, piping, scotland, scottish, sioux falls, south dakota.

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